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Machine Cut Chaton Beads are machine cut and machine polished. Machine Cut Chatons, also known as Rhinestones, Crystals or Fashion Jewellery Stones are primary components used for producing fashion Jewellery. Besides crystal Jewellery, these rhinestones are also used to produce semi-finished products such as sew on cups, crystal chains, trimmings, bandings and other such fashion components that feature easy and direct application, which can then be used for embroidered products, handicrafts,fashion accessories etc. At Art Group, we provide our end consumers with three quality levels of Machine Cut Chatons, namely, premium, A Star, K8 and Economy, in sizes ranging from SS 3.5 to SS 41. The value of these stones are measured through its cut, clarity, color and durability. Art Group has maintained these values of machine cut chatons based on regular quality tests undertaken that include the k-test, heat resistance test, tape test, drop test and soldering test. Art Group promotes this product in ploy bags under the brand 'Krupa'.
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